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New! Replaceable Tip Handpiece, Version 2.0!

This is the newest version of the replaceable tip handpiece. It is designated as Version 2.0. We developed this version because it operates much cooler than Version 1.0. We will no longer make the Version 1.0 handpiece, but we will still sell replacement tips for it. Version 2.0 will not accept replaceable tips from Version 1.0. The new Version 2.0 tips are solid, silver brazed, and make a much better connection than the old replaceable tips. If you want to convert your old Version 1.0 handpiece to the new Version 2.0, send it in with $7.95 plus $5.00 shipping charge and we will convert it to the new Version 2.0 style.

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Replaceable Tip Handpiece, v 1.0

This is our replaceable tip handpiece (v 1.0). It has a jackplug at the other end of the cord for conveniently plugging into the Detail Master burning system control box. Included with the handpiece is a Slip Lock for locking the tip into the handpiece. Please note that the slip lock gets hot with use; it is suggested that you purchase additional Slip Locks so you do not have to change them from one tip to another. The Slip Lock spreads the pen tip's prongs, making a better contact.

Replaceable Tip, v 1.0 Close-up

We also make special pens to your specification. If you would like a special pen, please send us a sketch and we will try to make it for your. Special pens have a special price. When you submit a sketch, please keep in mind that the tip will be made from wire and must have two legs for electrical connection.

Replaceable Tip Handpiece, v2.0, Standard $27.95
Replaceable Tip Handpiece, v2.0, Vented $28.95


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