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Detail Master Pyrographic Systems, LLC has been the most innovative and inventive company in its field. We offer the patented Vented Pen. We were the first to design and produce fish scale pens, and the first the first to use solid copper tips for heat retention in shading. We listened to our customers (champions: Brunet, Muehlmatt, Fairfield, Lundell, etc.) and produced special pens of their designs.

Robert E. Boyer was the "Detail Master" behind the Detail Master Burning Systems. Boyer's background was originally in art; he studied at the Chicago Art Institute after World War II. Finding it difficult to support his family, he attended college at night and weekends and received a degree in Mechanical Engineering. After many years of owning and running companies that made metal components, he finally decided to get back into his first love: art. He became interested in the realistic wood sculptures of birds that he saw in a New Orleans wildlife shop. He was amazed at the realism that was attained by the use of burning tools. These tools could make the feathers of the carved bird so realistic that some people thought it was a mounted bird.

The Detail Master Burning System was built of the best available materials. Most other competitive systems, at that time, made burning tools of off-the-shelf boxes and components. The Detail Master was made specifically of quality components and a customized chassis of stainless steel. The components used were electronic overkill in most instances. It was built to last a long time—we hear from many of our customers that their 20-year old systems are still working fine.

Boyer started promoting pyrography almost two decades ago. It was not only the carvers he wanted as customers, but the flat burners of pictures on wood, leather, buckskin, gourds, plastic, tree fungus and paper. When he joined the Internet many years ago, the world community had never heard of "pyrography". You could use that as a key word for searching the Internet and get no response. Today, through much of his efforts and the efforts of many other pyrographers, it is well known terminology. There are pyrographic clubs all over the world and many people excelling in this form of art.

Robert E. Boyer, the Detail Master, wrote a "Burning Techniques" column in Chip Chats Magazine, which is the periodical distributed by the National Wood Carvers Association. This magazine comes out 6 times a year and is beneficial in showing what has been accomplished by artists all over the world. You can learn about shows, techniques and various clubs. It is well worth the nominal price of a subscription. Contact them at: www.chipchats.org. He spent over five years writing the book, "The Amazing Art of Pyrography" which is available on this website.

Thank you for visiting the Detail Master web site. We hope you enjoy our products for many years to come!

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